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The Art of Breaking Bread
"The Art of Breaking Bread" is an autobiographical cookbook by David E. Moore. It contains memories of his great-great-grandmother Birtie, from whom David learned to cook. There are also original recipes from the US southern states and favorite recipes from David.
29,95 EUR
White bean soup
This is a basic recipe for a healthy, easy-to-prepare soup. You have plenty of scope to refine it with different ingredients each time you prepare it.
Brown beef stock (cubes)
You can prepare beef stock yourself with little effort. The bones are boiled with Mirepoix and then cooled and portioned as jelly cubes.
Labnah | cream cheese
With this recipe you can make your own cream cheese with just a few ingredients!
Zucchini feta pastries
These delicious pastries are filled with zucchini, spinach and feta cheese. I use the Lemon Herb Seasoning and Black Gold amoung others for seasoning the filling.
Vegan veggie burger

With this recipe you can easily prepare a really tasty, vegan burger patty. The burger is filled with everything you want.

This vegetable burger will also convince meat lovers that meatless is really delicious!

Lemon herb roasted potatoes
The roasted potatoes with Lemon Herb Seasoning and Rosemary Seasoning are prepared quickly. With some additional ingredients you'll have a fast, delicious meal!
Show 1 to 7 (of in total 7 products)
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