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Seasoning blends out of tradition

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Seasoning blends are an ages old method of creating signature flavors for all your cooking needs. From Chili con Carne to curries it's the spice mixture which makes them special.

A good spice mixture can transform a meal, adding a range of flavors, from a hint of sweetness to a kick of heat. They also give beautiful aromas and colors that are often the first determining factor for why we want to eat a meal or not.


I learned from my great-great-grandmother

David Moore's great-great-grandmother Birtie Moore

Seasoning blends are one of my FAVORITE ways to add diversity to my meals without adding a ton of extra calories or salt.

I discovered my passion for cooking at a very young age, inspired by my great-great-grandmother Birtie. She was a wonderful cook and well known in her community for her spice mixes.

I have revived some of her original recipes, and created new ones just for you!

She was also decisive for my first cookbook "The Art of Breaking Bread". With her recipes and my memories of her, this cookbook is in parts even my autobiography!

Creative cooking made easy with Moore than Spice recipes

Burger filled with Pulled Ginger Turkey on blue plate

Let your creativity be your guide, combine one or more of my blends to concoct your own one-of-a-kind taste. If that's too much of a challenge, have no fear.

I have added recipes, how-tos, and tips from Birtie to help you along your way. With Moore than Spice seasoning blends, you can with minimal effort completely transform your favorite dishes into culinary works of art!


Best ingredients for superior quality

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All of my spice mixes are made from hand selected ingredients and handmade.

All components are 100% natural from certified producers. All salts are guaranteed plastic free.


And now, have fun shopping, cooking and getting inspirations in my shop!

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