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Herb butter in different variations

Herb butter
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Herb butter
Herb butter
Preparation:   quick & easy quick & easy

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Rosemary herb butter


250 g unsalted butter
1 heaped tbsp. Rosemary Seasoning
  fresh herbs, finely chopped (if desired)


  1. You can prepare herb butter yourself very quickly. To do this, take butter out of the refrigerator in good time and let it warm up to room temperature. Then mix it e.g. in a mortar with my Rosemary Seasoning.
  2. Of course, you can also add fresh, finely chopped herbs to your taste, as I did with the herb butter shown. The Rosemary Seasoning contains enough salt and you shouldn't have to add any additional salt.

Tip: Herb butter in different variations

With the basic recipe you can make completely different herb butters, such as a delicious lemon herb butter with my Lemon Herb Seasoning.

To vary, you can use some of my other spice mixes, too (see tab "Products used"). Please note that other products contain less or no salt, so you should add salt to your taste.


My product recommendation for herb butter


Rosemary Seasoning is a hardy, woodsy, aromatic blend. I’ve added a touch of salt as well as a hint of garlic and sage, to give this universal blend just the right balance.

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Lemon Herb Seasoning is a simple and yet magical, handmade infusion. This savory blend will add an explosion of flavor, and a ray of sunshine, to every dish.

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You can use these products for herb butter, too


My Bouillon is a handmade blend essential in every kitchen. This vegetable broth is an extremely versatile way to add incredible flavor to your everyday dishes.

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Louisiana 18

Louisiana 18 is an aromatic blend of 18 hand-selected spices. This umami all-rounder is a must have!!!

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Poseidon is an all-purpose fish spice seasoning, complementary to all types of seafood.

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Universal Dry Rub

Universal Dry Rub is actually the only “rub” you’ll need to create fantastic meat and poultry dishes.

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