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Recipe for Pulled Ginger Turkey

Pulled Ginger Turkey
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Pulled Ginger Turkey
Pulled Ginger Turkey
Pulled Ginger Turkey
Pulled Ginger Turkey
Pulled Ginger Turkey
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Pulled Ginger Turkey

For 2 to 2.5 kg turkey thigh and breast with bones and skin; suitable for all fowl types.


Preparation: in oven, on grill, or smoker

  1. Soak fowl in a cured-salt brine mixture for six to eight hours, or overnight (chilled). This improves the color of the meat and adds flavor.
  2. For the brine you’ll need 4 l water plus 60 g curing salt, provided in each Pulled Ginger Turkey package (15 g curing salt per 1 l water).
  3. Remove fowl from brine, pat dry with a clean dishtowel or (paper) towels. Discard brine mixture.
  4. Salt and pepper fowl to taste. Brown on all sides in an oven-proof roasting pan.
  5. Distribute the entire content of the ginger mix package on and around the meat.
  6. Pour 2 l liquid over the meat. Either just water or a 50/50 mix of water with Moore than Spice Bouillon, orange juice, OR wine.
  7. Cover with lid and roast at 165 to 170° C in the oven. Remove cover after about 1.5 hours and continue to roast an additional hour in the oven (or until a core temperature of 85 to 90° C is reached) to allow for browning or crispy crust.
  8. Remove meat from the roasting pan, place aside. Using a strainer, separate ginger mix from the sauce into a bowl. DO NOT DISCARD SAUCE, but return it to the roasting pan.
  9. Remove skin from meat and place aside.
  10. Remove meat from bone and separate meat using two forks. Return meat to the sauce.

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Preparation tips

  • The same principles apply when closed-top grilling.
  • For all you “smokers” out there simply add the drained Pulled Ginger Turkey mix to smoking tray with or without wood chips.


Serving ideas

  • „Pulling“ the turkey or fowl is optional, you can serve sliced or in pieces, too.
  • Your finished product is not limited to just filling for burgers, but it’s fantastic as taco and gyros filling. It’s also complementary to rice, potatoes, vegetables, or as salad topping.
  • Fowl skin: I fry or bake the turkey skin until crisp and serve it as a crumble or chip.



I used these products for the recipe

Pulled Ginger Turkey

Pulled Ginger Turkey blend is a savory stewing mixture created from hand-selected ingredients for poultry of all kinds. I use it mostly for pulled turkey, but you can use it for all your poultry or pork dishes.


My Bouillon is a handmade blend essential in every kitchen. This vegetable broth is an extremely versatile way to add incredible flavor to your everyday dishes.


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