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Dry marinade for fish

Fish marinade
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Fish marinade
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Quick dry marination for fish

A dry fish marinade is a mixture of spices, herbs, and salt that is sprinkled on the fish before it is grilled or roasted. The spice mix adds flavor to the fish and helps to keep it juicy.

You can use my spice blend Poseidon for all types of fish and simply apply it like any rub.

By the way: Poseidon is also ideal for seasoning seafood!

A high-quality fish seasoning mix consists of herbs, spices and salt. Flavor enhancers or preservatives are taboo! These will ruin your fish rather than improve it.

Rub for fish & sea food


  1. Wash the fish thoroughly and dry it carefully with a cotton towel or kitchen paper. Remove bones if they're still there. A pair of tweezers can be very helpful.
  2. Sprinkle the fish generously with Poseidon on all sides. Don't use extra salt!
  3. I recommend to leave the spice mixture soak into the fish for a short time to get a more intense taste. About 15 minutes should be enough.
  4. You can then fry or grill the fish as usual. You will taste the difference!

Note about salting

With Poseidon, you probably won't need to addtitional salt.


Use Poseidon to season fish


Poseidon is an all-purpose fish spice seasoning, complementary to all types of seafood.

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