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Louisiana Soul | THE barbecue sauce (350 ml)

Louisiana Soul | THE barbecue sauce (350 ml)
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Louisiana Soul | THE barbecue sauce (350 ml)
13,50 EUR
38,57 EUR per l
incl. 7 % VAT excl. Shipping costs
Contents: 350 ml

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Product description

Louisana Soul clearly has little to do with most or maybe even all commercial barbecue sauces on the market.

Its components are:

  • Caribbean based, where the word barbecue originated (see tab "background"),
  • Mexican like the Mezcal,
  • Floridian and Brazilian, which produce the worlds oranges and coffee,
  • South American, where tomatoes originated, and
  • Central American, where chile peppers and allspice were first discovered and traded.

So what could be more authentic -Southern - than a perfectly balanced blend of all those wonderful ingredients into one luscious sauce?

Sales name: barbecue sauce

Contents: 350 ml - 385 g

Packaging: 350 ml glass bottle with twist-off top and nozzle


This sauce is an all-around asset to your condiment shelf. Use this bold, thick sauce for dipping, spreading or grilling. Its molasses-honey base and slight smoke flavor will give a kick to everything from brisket to roasted vegetables.

Use it as a dip for fish sticks or nuggets, in your slow cooker for “pulled” meat dishes of all kinds, as a glaze on roasted cauliflower, pumpkin, or sweet potatoes. The only thing bolder than the flavor is it’s versatility.

This sauce is mildly warm (spicy), if you need a little more punch (as I do), add a little Louisiana Hot or Louisiana Sun.

Note: I have simmered this sauce for about 40 minutes which greatly reduces the alcohol content, a small percent of the alcohol originally in the Mezcal may remain. When you use Louisiana Soul to cook with as a glaze for meats for example, the remaining alcohol should evaporate.

If you are serving anyone who does not wish to be exposed to any alcohol (e.g. those in recovery from an alcohol use disorder, pregnant women, those with religious restrictions), you may want to indicate the alcohol content. If you are taking the sauce to a gathering as a side sauce/dip, provide a label showing that the sauce may contain small amounts of alcohol.


Ingredients & allergens

Ingredients: Water, tomato paste, apple cider vinegar, mezcal (agave brandy), orange juice, molasses, honey, lime juice, onion, mountain salt, chipotle (chilli), garlic, orange peel, lime peel, coffee, ginger, oregano, pepper, black, allspice, mustard seeds, cumin, bay leaves, cloves

100 % natural ingredientsgluten-free


Store in a cool and dark place.


Nutrition facts


Average nutritional values per 100 g
Energy468 kJ/111 kcal
Fat0,6 g
- of which saturates0,1 g
Carbohydrates15,7 g
- of which sugars13,9 g
Protein1,8 g
Salt1,7 g

What’s it called?

I will not get into the debate about what to call it, I will also not confirm or dispute who is right or wrong. Point is some say Barbecue, Barbeque, Barbaque, BBQ, B-B-Que, Bar-B-Q, Bar-B-Que, or Bar-B-Cue.

For the record, linguists and historians generally agree that the proper spelling is barbecue because it is derived from the original Indo-Caribbean word barbacoa...I’m satisfied with that.


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