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Dry marinade for meat & fish

Dry marinade
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Dry marinade
Dry marinade
Dry marinade
Dry marinade
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    Dry marination for meat

    Provide a great amount of onf of my rubs on all sides of your meat (without additional salt). I recommend to leave the rub on your meat to infuse for at least two hours before preparation. I suggest overnight in your refrigerator for best results, but that’s optional.

    My rubs contains only a small amount of salt. After your rub has finished the infusion period, but before you start to cook your dish, you will need to salt to taste.

    Notes about salting

    • Do not add additional salt to your meat during the infusion process as this can dehydrate meat if left on for hours.
    • If you plan to cook immediately you can salt and spice with a rub simultaneously.

    Dry marination for fish

    For fish you can use my Poseidon seasoning mixture. Apply it just like any rub for marinating fish and seasoning seafood.

    With Poseidon, you probably won't need to addtitional salt.


    Rubs and speasoning mixes for meat

    Lamb Rub

    Lamb Rub is an exotic, Turkish inspired blend. Powerful, flavorful, and multi-functional – not only for lamb.

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    Universal Dry Rub

    Universal Dry Rub is actually the only “rub” you’ll need to create fantastic meat and poultry dishes.

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    Louisiana 18

    Louisiana 18 is an aromatic blend of 18 hand-selected spices. This umami all-rounder is a must have!!!

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    Use Poseidon to season fish


    Poseidon is an all-purpose fish spice seasoning, complementary to all types of seafood.

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    Add some hotness

    Louisiana Hot

    Louisiana Hot sauce is bursting with layered flavors, it’s not just HOT.

    Contents: 350 ml - 365 g

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    Make it really hot!

    Louisiana Sun

    Louisiana Sun is a very hot chili sauce. The intense yellow color comes from yellow chilis and bell peppers.

    Contents: 100 ml - 104 g

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