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More recipes how to use my products will follow in the next weeks!
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White bean soup
This is a basic recipe for a healthy, easy-to-prepare soup. You have plenty of scope to refine it with different ingredients each time you prepare it.
Preparation:  quick & easyquick & easy
Brown beef stock (cubes)
You can prepare beef stock yourself with little effort. The bones are boiled with Mirepoix and then cooled and portioned as jelly cubes.
Preparation:  quick & easyquick & easy
Labnah | cream cheese
With this recipe you can make your own cream cheese with just a few ingredients!
Preparation:  quick & easyquick & easy
Zucchini feta pastries
These delicious pastries are filled with zucchini, spinach and feta cheese. I use the Lemon Herb Seasoning and Black Gold amoung others for seasoning the filling.
Preparation:  quick & easyquick & easy
Vegan veggie burger

With this recipe you can easily prepare a really tasty, vegan burger patty. The burger is filled with everything you want.

This vegetable burger will also convince meat lovers that meatless is really delicious!

Preparation:  quick & easyquick & easy
Lemon herb roasted potatoes
The roasted potatoes with Lemon Herb Seasoning and Rosemary Seasoning are prepared quickly. With some additional ingredients you'll have a fast, delicious meal!
Preparation:  quick & easyquick & easy
Oven baked vegetables

Louisiana 18 contains all the spices you need for delicious oven baked vegetables. You may need to add some more salt, but otherwise this is a real quick recipe!

Alternatively, you can use the Seasoned Salt, too.

Preparation:  quick & easyquick & easy
Chicken marinade

With Louisiana 18 you can marinate chicken in a flash.

Whether you're making chicken wings or want to cook/grill a whole chicken, Louisiana 18 has all the spices you need!

Preparation:  quick & easyquick & easy
Herb butter

You can prepare herb butter yourself very quickly. Follow my basic recipe for eg. delicious rosemary or lemon herb butter!

Preparation:  quick & easyquick & easy
Wet marinade

With my seasoning mixes and these short recipes you can mix marinades for meat in no time at all.

Depending on the product used, you get marinades with a wide range of flavors with only one basic recipe!

Preparation:  quick & easyquick & easy
Dry marinade

With my rubs you can quickly season and marinate. Simply rub the spice mixtures generously on the meat and let it soak in - the longer, the more intense the taste!

By the way, with Poseidon you have a great rub for fish dishes!

Preparation:  quick & easyquick & easy
Tangy yogurt dips

With the basic recipe for yogurt dip you can quickly prepare different, delicious creams.

The different flavors are created simply by varying the seasoning mixes!

Preparation:  quick & easyquick & easy
Pulled Ginger Turkey
Create a fantastic alternative to pulled pork or pulled beef with my Pulled Ginger Turkey marinating composition. Your poultry will never taste the same again! You may also use it for pork.

Here you'll find the recipe how I use the Pulled Ginger Turkey mix.
Preparation:  time intensivetime intensive
Wild Meadow
Wild Meadow marinating composition is excellent for the preparation of game, be it deer, roe deer, wild boar, buffalo/bison, hare, or pheasant, but it’s also suitable for lamb and beef.

With this detailled recipe, I guide you through all steps to use the Wild Meadow mix for wet marination (option 1 and 2) and dry marination (option 3).
Preparation:  time intensivetime intensive
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Louisiana Hot | hot chili sauce (350 ml)
This(!!!!) on every meal. Yum.
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